New Year, New Life — Let’s start CHP again !

New Year, New Life, Time to write again

In China, Spring Festival signifies new beginnings. In this new Rooster year, let me start it with relaunching this blog after 10 months of hibernation!

Knowing 2016 was my last year in China, past few months have been times of actions — trying to do everything I wanted to try or achieve in China. They were also times of reflection – readjusting priorities and planning my move back to Australia. Finally, I am ready to begin a new journey, and ready to write again !

Well, my new year resolution is to update this blog more often. So, do check in whenever you need some pampering and healing from Chinese herbal teas or soups, or anything Chinese herbal related 🙂 

Shanghai Nightview

China 3 Years

‘Lets go! There is no better place for me to learn Chinese medicine than where it was originated. China is the country we have read a lot about in media and books. I want to experience it myself.’ I said to my husband, after he received a job offer in Shanghai 3 years ago.

We didn’t think we could survive for more than 2 years, we ended up with 3. There are things we don’t like — the pollution and the Great Firewall, to name a few. Yet, China gives us so many nice surprises — yummy and cheap food, amazing online shopping, unbelievably fast delivery, surprisingly advanced digital life and etc. We will miss these.

Chinese Herbal Dispensary in Chinese Medical Hospital

Best Gift from China

Best gift from China for me is my learning experiences with so many incredible knowledgeable and experienced Chinese medicine doctors here. I feel forever grateful for their generous sharing of clinical experiences and wisdom.

I came with curiosity, and I will be bringing home a lot more than I expected.

Last but not least, lets celebrate the relaunch of this blog with a bowl of Chinese herbal chicken soup that I cooked for Chinese New Year. Bon Appétit ! May Rooster year brings you good health, harmonious flow of positive energy in body, soul and spirit !

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