About Blog

ChineseHerbalPantry.com gives tips on what Chinese herbs to keep in your pantry, functions/uses/precautions of the herbs, and how to use them for cooking, making Chinese herbal teas, herbal soups, simple home remedies for minor symptoms, herbal foot soaks and many more. We hope that this blog will give you useful information on how to improve general wellbeing by using Chinese herbs at home wisely and most importantly, safely.

We will also share some ancient Chinese Medicine classics that are full of wisdom for nurturing better health.

Author of this blog is Shirley Chong, who is a registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and (Western Medicine) Pharmacist in Australia. Apart from working as a Pharmacist, she also has her own private Chinese medicine practice. She is currently doing advanced Chinese Medicine training in Shanghai. This blog is her side interest. If you wish to know more about her private practice, please go to http://shirleychong.com.au/. Thanks.